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Unlocks and Shop Glitched

2 3
  • 11 May '19


Every since the reimbursement, I can not unlock anything past level 35. Also, any time I try to unlock something in the store I get an infinite loading screen that requires me to hard kill the game. I also did not receive any money from the disbursement made. It continues to pop up, but nothing happens, and the shop is forever bugged for me right now.


Scion Koga

34 19
  • 15 May '19

Same issue with infinite loading after buying goods. After restart the game i can see that item was successfully purchased. Very annoying.

2 0
  • 15 May '19

I can't seem to unlock anything for some reason, I have the gold and rank for an item, I click it. And it plays the little 'Dun' effect and boots me back. After every match the gold and xp it says I should get resets as if I never played at all. I cannot progress.

7 2
  • 9 Jul '19

Title. Everything (gear) I don't have access to is simply locked and unable to be bought for gold like 2 or so days ago.

7 2
  • 1
  • 9 Jul '19

fix game pls