Players that needs to be perma-banned

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  • 11 May

Players current names is royalknite2008 and royalkeen2004. Spamming the N word and "REE" and leaving and rejoining NA horde servers in order to avoid the initialed kicks from going through and thus avoiding being temp-banned from the servers. I don't have screenshots but I'm sure admins have access to the chat logs which they spammed all of this in as well as the numerous times they avoided being kicked using this exploitative method. Thanks for any help with this issue!

- Wintergrift

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  • 12 May

it's not hard to press f12 or download something to record with (especially if you have an nvidia card and can just use shadowplay).

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On the duel servers there is a guy called Captain Weegee, he runs around and hits people on sight, he managed to follow me through 3 different servers! Every time a vote kick comes in, he just leaves the servers and comes back.

His SteamID is 76561197967554397

His profile is full of people who stating the same stuff as me. Also hack accusations are being made on his profile.

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imagine being so weak mere words can hurt you

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This is pretty inevitable, same goes with comp like csgo,etc

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  • 12 May

Witch_Hunt.exe has stopped working