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Attacks being cancelled

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  • 11 May '19

Hello, I don't know exactly what's is happening but sometimes, when I tried to perform an attack, my character stops the animation and the attack is cancelled.

According to this thread:
The reason is because I tends to spam my click.
If that's true, How can I fix that since I always tends to spam the attack I want to perform in the tense of a fight.
And someone tolds that on the said thread: "Spamming clicks shouldn't abort attacks unless you feint/parry accidentally or morph." and I'm completely agree.

Right now I've done a game and I missed a 10ish opportunities to land the final strike on my opponent because of that mechanics :/

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In chivalry, if you were not using a qwerty keyboard, the feint was bind to a key that was used for movement for instance.
Look closely if your feint key binding is not use somewhere else.

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  • 12 May '19


My feint was indeed bound on Q.

Didn't noticed it since I was using the "Feint or Parry" instead :D