improve mute

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  • 11 May '19

Hello can you improve the mute button so we can't ear Luth spammer in game.

Or make a globale option with Luth sound off tks !!

Knight 159 974
  • 11 May '19

If it's really too much of a nuisance to you, you can still try to delete the files directly from the folder :


It should work, but I would make sure to keep them somewhere just in case.

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  • 23 May '19

Is it possible to do the same with VocalMotes ? both luth and VocalMotes annoy me a lot.

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  • 23 May '19

I find these typos kind of mystifying. Are you blind? Or do you play the game in another language (does it have language options?) so you just have no idea what the correct terms are?

(It's "Lute" and ... "Emotes" I guess?)

(also "global")

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  • 24 May '19

Le luth est un instrument à cordes pincées. Le terme désigne aussi de manière générale tout instrument ayant les cordes parallèles à un manche. Bien que voisin de la guitare, le luth a connu une histoire différente et distincte, les deux instruments ayant coexisté au cours des périodes principales de la musique. Wikipédia

Vocalcommands = Vocalmotes

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  • 24 May '19

They need more audio options. Love the lute and emotes but sometimes people just keep battlecrying or luting the same fucking song in a server for hours. I just mute the entire game even tho sound ques are necessary for some playstyles.