Bucklerists unite

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First of all, hats off for adding the buckler to the game! I love the concept and was one of the alpha-testers who offered ideas here in the forums for how to model a buckler-type shield alongside a normal shield. The model looks great as well!

I've been trying it out only a little in the game. I'm too laggy to use it in big maps, so I've mainly tried it out against bots myself. If I'm not wrong, it's limited to increasing the parry box size. This is an awesome feature, and definitely gives support to swashbuckling kind of builds with one-handed weapons.

However, I feel that the 3-points cost is way too excessive for this one function. As it is, buckler should be a 1-point item, or 2-point item tops. If it's really supposed to be this expensive, I'd suggest adding features to it. Maybe it allows a slightly longer holdable parry (1-2 second), bridging between a full shield and a parrying weapon, or maybe it could make chambers register easier than normal. Allowing the user to replace kick with a buckler-bash for more damage would be totally awesome, but probably much harder to implement than the two other ideas.

What do you think about buckler? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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  • 10 May

The blocking angles on shields, on the Advanced stats screen, are less than the blocking angles for regular weapons. I'm confused by that.

The only reason I can see from the Advanced Stats screen to use the buckler is that it has 13 (iirc) stamina drain negation, which means it pairs well with weapons that don't have good stamina drain negation (rapier has 10, so 13 is a nice boost, but lots of weapons have 12 or 13.)

(Incidentally, a number of Peasant weapons actually have 16 drain negation, which is higher than any non-peasant weapons. Some also have really high stamina drain.)

If buckler/targe have some secret functionality that makes them more worth using, I have yet to see devs explain it. I think I've seen some people say that the implementation of those shields is basically unfinished.