An Argument for Pink in Mordhau

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  • 10 May

In Mordhau the amazing devs have given us a plethora of beautiful colors to personalize and customize our 'mercenaries' with. However, a key choice which was in the early renaissance a man's most fashionable color is absent, Pink.

Before the 20th century, Pink did not have a femenine connotation and was more often then not, worn by men. The Landsknecht of Central Europe were best known to dye their clothes with this very stylish color.

I'd assume the devs didn't include this color with the game because it seemed on the surface, silly and unfitting. But I would like to offer an argument for how fitting and important it would be. Seeing pink the game would add life to any real Landsknecht outfit.

Below are some historic depictions of Landsknecht to prove my point further


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  • 10 May

I can't believe I never noticed pink wasn't in Mordhau. I think it should definitely be added.

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  • 10 May

I'm here for adding multiple shades of pink to the game.

I miss my no texture aesthetic.

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My dude I want pink added now

Bring on the Susan G. Coleman Knights

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  • 10 May

not that i want pink in the game, but here's some more depictions of it from around 1400, give or take 10 years


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More shades of color would be good