No stab after strike

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  • 9 May

After I strike I can't stab. I press the stab button but it doesn't do anything. Once I register a horizontal movement of my view the stab happens.

So the stab remains qued so long as no horizontal view movement occurs.

I can combo strikes just fine, but not add stabs unless I'm always moving the view horizontally. But sometimes I'm just wasd and not moving view.

Maybe I'm the only one.

I can record a video or something if this isn't clear.

I really think this game is great. And I'm looking forward to whatever you do. I've been promoting this game to all my friends.


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  • 11 May

Well I realised this is actually a setting in controls, wait for input or something. Just had to uncheck it. It's on by default.

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  • 11 May

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