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  • 8 May

I haven't been able to find a place where clans can recruit but I'm sure some must've been established since the game was first playable.
Now I was hoping to find one recruiting new players that hosts events like scrimmages, sparringsessions and perhaps participate in (un)official tournaments in the future.

Too often I find myself without friends on the battlefield and any sparring practise I have to do against bots.
I'm hoping to grow in a dedicated community, if any will have me.

Fallon#7214 on Discord.

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theres usually some threads around the forums with clan recruiting

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  • 9 May

also looking for a clan.

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  • 9 May

Should probably mention I'm EU.

Also I can't post anywhere in that discord.

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  • 9 May

I have started a clan and im currently recruiting members, its an EU clan which has roles including a king, duke, count and knight which can do different things like hosting nobles duels or the knights can train people, more about it on the discord server. still new so if you find anyone needing a clan bring them to the Ironcry clan.

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  • 19 May

Hello Knights, Peasants and all those in between...

Seismic Gaming is currently recruiting for our Mordhau Division! Be your skill level beginner or pro all 18+ are welcome to apply to join Seismic Gaming. Our philosophy is to enjoy the experience of gaming, whether you're winning or losing. Seismic is an open and diverse clan with members from all over the world. We're looking for people who're willing to help us push Seismic to the next level and get involved in our active community and make new friends.

We have just had our first clan Frontlines event and was such a blast to see a huge turn out already. More clan tournaments, skirmishes and all out battles will be hosted weekly and more formats added. So jump in, vote on what you wanna see seismic do with Mordhau and get playing!

What do we expect from you? Personality, first & foremost. People play video games to have fun, and that's what we're about. Voice chat is mandatory for Seismic members: after all - what's the point of being in a social clan without socialising. Skill comes with time, but you bring the patience.

Mordhau Division - OWN SERVERS - PC Only (EU servers for now but everyone all over the world is welcome)


-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 Frontline #1 - - 18+ | 64 Slot
-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 Frontline #2 - - 18+ | 32 Slots


-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 FFA #1 - - 18+ | 32 Slots
-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 DUAL ONLY - - 18+ | 32 Slots


-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 TDM/Skrimmage #1 - - 18+ | 32 Slots


-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 Horde #1 - - 18+ | 6 Slots
-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 Horde #2 - - 18+ | 12 Slot
-[ SEISMIC ]- 24/7 Horde #3 - - 18+ | 12 Slots


You must be at least 18 years old to join us.
Members of Seismic are considered to be part of a family, with each one of us being dedicated and loyal to only Seismic.
Do not apply to join if you're in other clans/communities or if you like to hop between clans.
You're required to have a working microphone. *Respect everybody. We value banter but don't take it too far. We're people too... No spamming, it's annoying. How to Join

Visit our website for information on how to join us!


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we have exactly what your looking for

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Its a community page and discord for Mordhau only, you can come find a clan- someone to game with or just join an existing game.Come check it out, players of all skill levels welcome