Why are buildable pallisades not vaultable?

Knight 99 263
  • 8 May

The whole point of the pallisade is for ranged protection not to be an impassable wall.
But since they can't be climbed people just use them to troll by blocking off spawns in FL and people blocking themselves off in SKM.

111 53
  • 9 May

They're... to high (?)

Count 131 218
  • 10 May

I'd hope it's only a matter of time before this gets changed or a solution implemented.
They're pretty tall compared to the character models so a vault might look a bit weird.

Maybe making it so that your teams palisades can be destroyed quickly from behind?
Can't really think of a solid solution that wouldn't risk making them a useless item though.

777 1029

One firebomb should take care of them