Nakeds with 3 Firepots Needs a Nerf

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Naked with 3 Firepots Needs a Nerf

especially when they grab 3 more from an ammo box, or they have friends that do it too

pretty much ruins the game

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Yeah sure...... ARCHERS arent ruining the game.... its those pesky 3 fire pot guys running around the place in every game.

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they've done enough to nerf the archers i think

you never see an archer at the top of the list in frontline

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@Christian2222 said:
Yeah sure...... ARCHERS arent ruining the game.... its those pesky 3 fire pot guys running around the place in every game.

Archers don't ruin anything they are over nerfed... proyectile speed is horribly nerfed, i bet people are genuinely more concerned about those fire bombs than anything else, I personally don't find difficult to avoid fire granades so in my opinion they are fine.

On the other hand I main an archer and it is really fun even with the nerfs, i could stay like that and kill a lot of people with it anyway because i am good at it, most archers are terrible and in fact the most people i kill with my archer is bad archers...

If they speed up the arrows... people like me will be even deadlier with bow and people like you will complain more.

I would like to see a speed buff but on the other hand i am afraid too many people will pick archer then and i don't want that, i would like it to stay as a niche, not something that you can pick up and be good with it immediately.

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  • 8 May

There's a perk for that friendo, just run at them and start taking heads.
Is it annoying? Yes. Is the 1 point perk worth it for public games? Yes. You'll only see this in pubs so I don't really feel like the game needs to be adjusted to compensate.

Also honestly I feel like archers are in a pretty good place at the moment. Compared to Chiv, archers in Mordhau have fuck all influence unless you're in a position where you get volley'd.

I don't have to worry about a warp speed shot to the head from across the map popping my melon with a full helm on anymore, and I'm okay with that.

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  • 8 May

@Pariah said:
You'll only see this in pubs so I don't really feel like the game needs to be adjusted to compensate.

99% of the game is played in pubs, they are a priority when it comes to fixing stuff.

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As someone who does this, it's not as effective and game ruining as you think. It's a meme build, perhaps a bit more effective than peasant but just as silly and meant to be taken out when I realize that nobody on my team is taking the game seriously, so why should I? Besides, there are other things that ruin the game, more common things, things that this build counters; holding a shield up slows you down so those that get stuck in fire have are going to be in there longer for blocking. Any horse and lancer that runs through will take 46 damage or so. People that refuse to commit will be totally unable to do so for a while in a sort of monkey paw fashion.

And it's not like it doesn't have weaknesses; first of all, he doesn't have a choice of weapon except for the ones he can find on the floor, and only if he's thrown a bomb can he pick one up quickly. Second, no armor. Dies in an Executioner Sword to the chest. Third, all of his best efforts can be for nothing against someone with good positioning to either stand aside, move between them, or rush through them before they deal any real damage. Fourth, Fireproof exists. Five, teammates might get blocked off because of the firebombs. Sixth, Firebombs do not start dealing damage immediately, so if they throw it at your feet, there's no reason for you to take damage if you can immediately turn tail and sprint out of it.

A good strat for them is to treat them like archers; rush them. They don't even have a cleaver to oneshot unhelmeted players like the Huntsman class does, just their fists. Which can be good, yes, but hit them once and it's on you to lose the fight. Another strat is to use the versatility of most maps to avoid firebombs; NOBODY uses the dungeon of Grad. Very few people know about the side routes along the river of Taiga. A bunch of people know how to climb the mountain in Mountain Peak. Camp is a wide open field, for pete's sake. You can avoid them by being in bad places for fire bombs and flanking. The maps might not be balanced, but there was clearly a lot of thought put into actually running around the map that I really appreciate and you should too.

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blah i was mainly bitching about taiga on blue, and getting wrecked by firepots on that map yesterday

map is hard enough

i basically need to go on a massive streak with messer and bloodlust to have any chance of winning for my team

i guess i can make a build with light armor legs and fireproof just for this situation hahaha

thanks guys, flame on

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  • 8 May

there is literally a 1 point perk that makes these guys literally useless. Can u stop crying.

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Fire pots was the worst thing about chiv, why they thought it wouldn't be the worst thing in mordhau ill never know. With any luck when they release modding someone will add a server owner fuction that restricts firepots. Fingers crossed mod community

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  • 8 May

Just stop walking into the fire. Nakeds are usually a 1hk, the problem lies in you and your teams archers allowing them to get away with doing this.

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  • 8 May

Imagine not wanting to spend 1 point to become immune to fire...

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As a new player to this game under 40 hours this is my assessment. Rapiers seem easy to get kills with but can be countered by anyone who uses some skill. They cant really do those huge swings where you can easily kill multiple people in big battles. You can win more 1v1s but lets face facts here lots of the game isnt 1v1. Archers are bothersome but they dont seem overpowered to me at all. Most of all I like seeing the different classes I dont only want hack and slash its too one sided I like that there is the firepot guys and archers and rapiers. If it was me I wouldnt nerf anything yet because I havent been playing long enough to really know whats going on. On the game I play 1000 hours is basically just getting out of noob status.

Im really enjoying this game dont over nerf things please. see you all on the field.

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@Kaekru said:
Imagine not wanting to spend 1 point to become immune to fire...

every point counts as blue on taiga

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it's cool i'll just make a fireproof version of all 25 of my different classes......

seems legit

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3 pot naked fire pot throwers are for people that can't play the game, makes them feel like they are contributing

i just see them with the Ralph Wigum voice, "I'm a fire"

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right now it seems bad because theres noobs and no comp mode

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  • 9 May

Oh come on, it's a fun build to play once in a while.
You say that like you encounter a flamethrower every match. I personally see them like in one out of three to five matches. And actually good flamethrowers who use pots effectively are even more rare. Why nerfing it?
It brings variety and action into battles

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Fire grenades have no place in Mordhau. What's next, black powder grenades and fire arms?

Yes, it is a meme build. No, it's not tactically gonna affect who wins/loses. Yes, the perk helps you walk through it like a bad ass. Yes, the fire still burns even with the perk. Yes, it's very easy to back step into the fire because there's little warning. Yes fire mages do end up in the top 5 score wise and they absolutely ruin the game for allies and enemies alike. Yes they still score top 5 even with all the tk. No, fire pots should not be in the game as a load out option.

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  • 9 May

@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Fire grenades have no place in Mordhau. What's next, black powder grenades and fire arms?

Slippery slope argument won't help you here.
Pots play a big role in zone control, always have and always will.
I can't see them being removed at any point in the game's lifespan.