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I'm not understanding damages

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It seems to me that damage sometimes make absolutely no sense. Two thrusts of a messer in a medium-armored opponent and he was at half hp (no time to recover), one swing of his mace and I'm down to half hp as well (also medium armor). On the round before, a lightly armored opponent had 85hp after a messer swing, even tho the messer's description says it deals around 60 damage (I don't remember the exact numbers). I also constantly get down to half hp after longsword thrusts (again, I'm using medium armor), while it seems I need 4-5 thrusts to kill a heavily armored opponent. I don't get it.

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  • 8 May '19

If you're looking at their health in the box after you die, you get health on kill. If you want to see what damage something does to each armor type, open a loadout, equip the weapon, then press the Advanced button. Damages are consistent with what's shown there.