Huge lag spikes and packet loss

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  • 7 May


I really like this game, but it seems i can't play any game w/o having both huge like spikes or packet loss.
I play from France, with 4mb dsl connection. I've got a very constant ping of 40ms w/o any packet loss when pinging any website.
When i play any other online game I have no sush problems.

But yet, on Mordhau, i got 60ms very constant ping on official server (mainly in frankfort, sometime in englang) and it goes up to 200ms like every 30sec or so. Sometime it's packet loss.

It's really getting on my nerves, i'm yet unable to git gud in this game with that lag changing parry, chamber timing...

I tried on some custom server, the problem is overall the same, yet it seems sometime i don't have it at all (maybe some server in france ?).

Is it anything i can do to improve that ?
Am I the only one to experience that ?

I'm not confident that there is anything to do, but still i thank you in advance for any adivce...

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  • 8 May

I have exactly the same issue! Thought I was crazy at first or something was wrong with my network, but seems to be the Mordhau-Servers after all!

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  • 8 May

Good to see i'm not alone :-)
Can't wait for a solution or a server fix... tried again this morning and still the same frustrating problem.

I like this game so much, i'd so like it to be playable !

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Same! I was close to giving up and replacing the whole wiring in my house... Worst part is nobody else usually has these problems in the servers so you think it's on your end!

This could be only me, but when I restart my modem and do a ping test from command prompt, there is no packet loss for many minutes. After I launch mordhau and play with packet loss and redo the ping test, I have consistent 1-5% packet loss even after the game has been closed for a while...

Is this even possible? I can't decide if it's my cables or something to do with the game, maybe my modem can't handle the specifics of the connection?

Edit: ISP fixed it both remotely and via replacing a few cables. My problems were clientside.

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I've had the exact same issue since I bought the game and it really sucks cuz I want to love this game but it's fucking packet loss city when I try to play online :(

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  • 8 May

same here i got fast internet i play fast fps shooters with no issue yet here i get laaaaaag

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Bumping this thread, the exact same symptoms are occuring to me since this morning.

I find a game pretty quickly, can play for 5 / 10mins without problem, then the ping starts to raise from 60 to 300 > 300 to 600 and finally stucks at 1020 with the messages "Packet Loss, High Ping" on the side. I'm losing the internet connection when it's happening.

Funny thing is that it worked just fine the whole time before, ever after the last patch. I didn't do anything special between yesterday and this morning so it really came out of nowhere.
I've been trying to reboot my router, check the files, change the in game server browser settings, nothing helped at this point.

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  • 15 May

This just started happening for me today! As soon as I join any server, I start to get the icon of packet loss flashing every few seconds. Extremely annoying. Gameplay feels fine though, but the notification is frustrating. Can it be disabled?

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Same here since i got the game a few days ago

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Same here, perfect 60fps and 80 ping but sometimes jump to 400+ ping, i am in France aswell and have no such problem in other games

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Still happening, same routine as last week-end even after patch #6 : high ping / packet loss / wifi adapter turns off and I lose the connection (drivers up to date, power saver mode off).

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  • 17 May

I have the impression that this might be related to whether the game "starts up" properly.
You may notice the ui doing a refresh on itself after having a bumpy start.

I've noticed that, in the case that the game doesn't seem to have "had a good day", I get fps spikes through the roof and insane PL.
On other days, the game works like a charm and I keep at a steady ping under 80, with smooth fps.

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Guys please tell me its a server issue because i need to get out of this straight jacket......have to game nearly 40hrs now so problems whatsoever but yestarday and today ooooh boy was i ready to kill some people:P high packet loss high ping and get disconnected from the server...

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@bloodbathed2 said:
Guys please tell me its a server issue because i need to get out of this straight jacket......have to game nearly 40hrs now so problems whatsoever but yestarday and today ooooh boy was i ready to kill some people:P high packet loss high ping and get disconnected from the server...

I assume it's server side, you can take a look at this guy's topic :

They're probably working on it since it's happening to a bunch of people.

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  • 19 May

Same issue here, I often stop playing after 10 minutes of frustration.

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This seems like a great game... but after trying for 2 days to actually play it I can't. If they don't fix the packet loss/ ping issues on the servers soon the game is going to die. Mine is not a constant ping/packet loss issue, however it is consistent. Every 30 seconds or so I'll have a ping/packet loss spike and I'll teleport in the middle of a group of people or worse off of a cliff. This just happened. Best thing I've seen is while riding a horse i'm charging and then my horse thinks its Pegasus. Please. Someone. Fix. This. Issue.

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  • 20 May

It's gotten worse over the past week for me personally, and I just had to hop off an official server as if it wasn't just packet loss it was high packet loss for the hour I slogged through it. It's just odd there seem to be plenty of folks with decent pings that stay consistent. I'd really like to know if they had to tinker to get their results or if it just worked out of the box for them.

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I have the problem on my PC but not on my Laptop. This is so weird.

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Having this problem constantly. Can run much more demanding games and stream them with 0 issue. Extremely frustrating given the potential this game has. Please for the love of god fix the servers, currently it's completely unplayable for me.

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  • 27 Jun

I have the same problem, it ascends till 1020 ms of Ping, then High packet loss, and then Disconnect.
I am pretty sure it didn't happen before the last patch.