i can't play this game ( server )

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  • 7 May

is any one in EU ? when i press fight and waiting for searching a match !!! what do i do ? can't select other region for ping is up to 350 and more
some one help and witch region are can play ?

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Same problem here. Bought the game. Developers cashed their money, but they won't give any response to this problem affecting hundreds if not thousands of users. No matchmaking No Server Browser. Developers have insisted is our problem and not theirs. Though the game is super fun, tomorrow I'll write a negative review if this problem is not solved and developers do not change their attitude.

P.S: I'm based in South America

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  • 9 May

Please post bug threads on the main bug/glitches board. Also as far as I know there arent south american official servers.

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Logon and green flashing screen. I have beast graphics card and computer. Odd.

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  • 4 Aug

I live in north africa and i still manage to get solid 60ms on most of europe servers, but rarely when ping start getting horny.

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Find a server by hand using the server list...

btw: Wrong forum.