Couple of fourm suggestions

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  • 7 May

Few forum suggestions, they're nice and simple but would be better with a few small changes imo..

  • Small info box on profile "HI I'm Roag and I'm from Scotland"
  • Option to link & display social accounts (IE discord/steam/youtube)
  • More sub-forums! Forums are already getting cluttered with people not posting in the right places as it isn't really clear, would be better to have more specific sub-forums in each section.
  • Display OP time next to last comment, easier to see if it's an old thread before positing
  • Stats integration on forum profiles from in-game (IE K/D ratio, kills, time played etc) and forum badges/roles to match
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  • 15 May

Would also to be nice to see how many 'likes' OP has received. Paint warrior example: