Suggestion: A Battle Royale Mode

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  • 7 May
 Sir Mauler

This could go places, for example player's spawn in naked kinda like horde but scavenge around for their equipment as in armor, 2h weapon's, etc... All equipment could be usable and obtained in the game mode and setting's could be tweaked to server owner's liking's. Having a lot of hour's already in this game I would love to see it go places and there's tons of modern day stuff that can be added to this game! I see a lot of potential in a battle royale mode because some simply like dueling, and even can have team's of three to fight it out to the end! Sounds epic and would love to know if anyone else can agree with me?!

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  • 7 May

...there already is battle royale?

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  • 7 May

ill let the devs know

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Fortnite folks dude..

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  • 7 May

How. It's literally in the center of the screen when you press matchmaking. Jesus christ. I can't fadom how someone can not realise the mode is already in. I'm baffled.

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This cannot be a serious post. Either that, or I refuse to believe that you didn't hear about this game 5 minutes ago before making this post. Have you even looked at the steam page?

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What about a frontline mode ?
Like 2 teams of 30+ players on a huge map fighting for strategic positions. And they could even add rideable horses that can one shot you from behind using a jousting lance. Oh ! and a bunch of archers too

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why haven’t they added swords in game yet reeee

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I hope BR will be latest in the priority list.