Full agility builds will become an issue

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The truest god player is one that gets 40 kills during a match with no armor, only using fists, with the brawler and dodge perk.

Maximum mobility, the inability to parry. Dodge or die.

I only got 38 doing this tho so I'm fucking trash. The 1v4 was nice however. As was the kill against charging cavalry.

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  • 7 May

Why are m&b players so fucking weird? This comes from someone who makes Chivalry Erotica

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  • 7 May

There have been 2 years of alpha filled with Chivalry veterans, and a lot of those players had more than 1000 hours in the game even before release. The meta is already kinda established, 332 armour and big weapons dominates duels. You can search Youtube for the last Europe duels tournament and see for yourself.