Server Config to auto spawn bots on startup + map change

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  • 6 May '19

I've been searching around for an answer to auto spawn bots on a dedicated server but I've not found any solutions.

I'm running a Linux box on Frontline map rotation but to give people something to do while there is a low player count I spawn bots, however when the map changes it won't keep the bots.

Obviously I could just join the server and add bots everytime but I have to sleep at some point.

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  • 9 May '19

I'm not always online on my server and people want to train with and against bots. Would be great if the bots didn't disappear every time you change level.

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  • 13 Jul '19

I just bought a server last weekend and I 100% need this! Isn't there a default Unreal Engine config setting for adding bots at the beginning of the round? The Source engine has it.

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  • 17 Jul '19

Sadly they haven't gotten it to work yet...

This is a very crucial aspect of the game for basic function to work, bots that auto spawm, idle kick that actually can be turned off, respawn timers to work for everything that has this setting, max ticket adjustments etc etc.

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Today no way for Auto add bots and auto leave when players join ?

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  • 8 Sep '19

I would also like to be able to auto add bots, don't let this thread die!