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First week recap

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  • 8 May '19

@smellycathawk said:
Delete shields

Delete yourself.

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Best game of 2019.

Had like 33 hours in the first 2-3 days in it xD

I look forward to what kind of updates we will see!

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  • 8 May '19

I'd like to link you to a review I've written because I was so blown away by you devs.

You've made a fantastic game.
You could easily have implemented micro-transactions in this game, but deliberately chose not to.
You care for your player base, shown by the donation of 10,000 gold to each player affected by the launch issues.

All of these things deserve a round of applause, especially in the modern industry. You are pioneering how games SHOULD be made and supported, and I wish you all the luck in the world - you'll always have my support.
In an industry where the companies you can trust dwindle, you stand out as a shining example to the evil mega-companies such as EA and Activision as to how a game should be made and supported - and for that, I and the industry thank you beyond words.

That's my review in short, I just wanted to let you know how you've made and handled Mordhau since release is so appreciated. Thank you Triternion.

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  • 8 May '19

i can only see official servers i have reset everything from the game to my pc and still nothing and from everyone ive talked too, im the only one experiencing this issue. and this just started today i could see all servers before today.

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  • 8 May '19

When are backers getting their supporter codes?

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  • 8 May '19

Check your profile on My Purchases for your code

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I am having a serious problem with the game, where upon getting to the main menu after the your company logo, the game rapidly flashes green and with artifacting that doesnt go away. It hurts to look at and makes the game unplayable. All the button and options still work but the game just keeps flashing green. It doesnt happen during the logos and right before the mordhau title and menu there is a brief glitchy spasm before continuing as described.

Please help in any way you can, I just got this game yesterday and I already tried verifying and reinstalling the game to no effect.

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  • 9 May '19

(Re)install your latest graphics card drivers.

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  • 9 May '19
 marox — Project Lead

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