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First week recap

Conscript 92 154
  • 7 May '19

You absolute madmen. You broke the inter-, your own servers on launch day. You didn't even buy ads, youtube was completely enough to sell 500.000 copies, holy hand grenade of Antioch!

You earned every cent of the money people have given you. You bloody brilliant slav squatters.

I can't wait to see what the future brings.

4 5
  • 7 May '19

Wow! I'm so happy for this huge success dev.s! Cheers to you!
This week has been amazing! Haven't experienced so much fun since a long time!
Keep up the great work!

17 8
  • 7 May '19

thank you for creating prolly the best medieval melee slasher on the market.

20 28
2 0
  • 7 May '19

Amazing work on the game. Big thanks to the dev team and the backers and anyone else involved with the project, it was defenetly worth the wait.

Still saddens me that i didn't back the game during the kickstarter.

btw really hyped for those new maps they look fantastic.

101 175
  • 7 May '19

The game is great and will be greater further down the line. I really hope you have some plan for long-term success and do not abandon it when you release patches and a few new maps. This could really be the CSGO of medieval games.

Knight 26 22
  • 7 May '19

@ScaryGuy said:

@ResolutionBlaze said:

@LemonTroutsky said:
I was telling you guys... It's gonna be a runaway success. I told you, you already destroyed chivalry like a year ago. I love when I'm proven right.

To be honest, I do miss Chiv, simply because I enjoy the amount of character that went into every level.

One criticism I have of Mordhau when comparing to Chiv is that Chiv feels like it has a lot more character and personality to it. Weren't afraid of absurdity, and their missions and objective modes fleshed out the world and gave it context.

I wish I could see some of that in Mordhau.

I too loved Chiv for the same reasons. Selling 500,000 copies of Mordhau should fund a ton of development, maps, weapons, mods etc. With user created maps and new official maps I think Mordhau could potentially have more personality than Chiv ever did. This is just the start.

I agree, but firstly I want to give the Dev's a huge congratulations! Been awesome to be apart of this for so long and see it grow, you deserve this!

In relation to the quote, the thing that sticks out to me the most (in terms of character) is the sound design. Chiv had great thematic ambient battle noise (distant weapon clashing, yelling, town bell, animal noises etc.) and officers yelling out new orders/directives when taking an objective (also very handy for helping new people know what to do), it really helped to bring the world to life and sell the idea that there was a larger battle happening around you. I think Mordhau could benefit a lot by adding more to the soundscape.
I also think some of the current sound fx in game are rather lacking, such as the catapult and arrow/bolt impact sounds.

Might also be cool to add more prolonged death sounds from players that have just been killed? (gurgling, crying, moaning etc.)

47 48
  • 7 May '19

I really appreciate the work ethic and determination from you guys and im truly grateful to be an early player and to watch this game further develop and grow, cheers!

1 0
  • 7 May '19

Amazing game so far.

Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 7 May '19

@WookieTiddy said:
I'm very impressed with the quality of this game. For such a small team, you might think it's a AAA game from the quality. Congrats on your success. I feel bad I bought it thru steam and not they your website (so you get all the $$$). Is there any other way to support your team?

Theres a Shop selling t-shirts,mugs and stuff right on top on page

Knight 706 1084
  • 7 May '19

Damn, you guys are really pulling in the players. I guess it goes to show that making a quality product will advertise itself, unlike may of these mediocre AAA games that spend a fortune on marketing.

I really admire the work you have put into this game, and as someone who is currently studying to be a game dev, what you guys have done is something I aspire to achieve some day!

Great work Triternion, keep it up, proud of you.

Knight 4 2
  • 7 May '19

Great work guys! Love the game!

777 1031
  • 7 May '19

Delete shields

1 0
  • 7 May '19


162 125
6 1
  • 8 May '19

I come from China,Very good game

Hope official Can solve help private server problem

I set up a private server myself. Number of people 48

But the server has a lot of problems

I can not speak English,Google translate

Baron 8 5
  • 8 May '19


Aw man. Haven't posted here in a while.

But modding tools.

I can't wait for DankManor - Mordhau Edition.

Not to mention the recreations of the memey Chiv maps.

Baron 20 13
  • 8 May '19

Ive recently started playing again, took a break for a few months but now i talked some friends into buying it on release and having a blast!

Having some fps drops/freezing issues but they seem better now than a few days ago so thats good news

Game is awesome!

205 103
  • 8 May '19

Fuck yah boys good job, bought this day it came out, best game ever. Needs more booze though, like in Chivalry, you can drink ale lol. Also, more Lute songs, official lutebot support so we can make our own preset songs to play on the lute in game lmao would be epic.

95 82
  • 8 May '19

Just wanted to congratulate you guys on the success.
I've been trying to fend off the "omg, nothing has been fixed in like 5 seconds, I want a refund and will write a negative review" entitlement over in the steam forums a bit, so I am glad to hear the overall numbers are great and that it really is just a minority of people having issues there.
Very glad to see Mordhau is doing well and I hope we'll continue to have a robust core game.
Looking forward to what you guys put out next for it. :)