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First week recap

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  • 6 May '19

Well done guys! loving the work you all put in, the games great!

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  • 6 May '19

so glad to see the success of this game, proving it doesn't take a big team or triple A developers to make a masterpiece. I maybe new to the game but thank you.

Baron 135 244
  • 6 May '19

Thanks for making such a great game Devs!! Im so glad I backed the kickstater and was able to be apart of the stream event. To many more years of MORDHAU!!!!

Baron 3 0
  • 6 May '19

It's insane how well the game is doing, really happy for you guys! do you guys plan on building/supporting an esport scene if there will be one for Mordhau?

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  • 6 May '19

one of the funnest games ive ever played and im 30 hours in! masterpiece.

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  • 6 May '19

just please fill BR lobbies faster and add voice chat pls thx <3 xo

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  • 6 May '19

You guys deserve all the good news and positive feedback! The game is a blast and has the potential to be so much more than Chivalry for example ever could have been. There's only one thing that I really think deserves immediate attention also and that is the ability to see your party members in-game. That would improve the co-operability immensely. I see a lot of fellow players on this forum with that same wish. Keep up the good work, godspeed!

Count 1452 3389
  • 6 May '19

Game just got release and I'm already hyped to heaven for the next content update. Who said you can't improve on perfection.

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  • 6 May '19

Maybe the real Mordhau are the friends we made along the way

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  • 6 May '19
 Lord of Cats

This has been one of the best games I've ever played, it's everything I wanted when I was playing Chivalry. Thank you so much for this experience.

Mercenary 21 50
  • 6 May '19

It's been a while since the Alpha launched but damn it's been a good showing and I can't wait for the years to come!

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  • 6 May '19

Truly amazing, you guys deserve all the success you have had. It's all from your hard work, taking an idea and carrying it through to the end! Having been addicted to and seeking out melee games since jedi outcast, morhau is right up is one of the best ones created, and proving out that this genre has an audience too! The best part is that from the start you guys have understood how to make the game from a player's point of view, with the talent to create the game as devs, and that's evident in the final product.

Amazing job so far, congratulations!

Knight 2308 4188
  • 6 May '19

Again, congratulations for the sudden and substantial success of Mordhau. I'm very glad to be able to say that the current playercounts are many times over my very conservative (At least in retrospect) estimates.

Since when has Contraband's rework been under that name? Feitoria looks amazing too, can't wait to put the parkour potential of it to action.

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Great work everyone at/involved with MORDHAU keep it up!

Sellsword 31 28
  • 6 May '19

I was telling you guys... It's gonna be a runaway success. I told you, you already destroyed chivalry like a year ago. I love when I'm proven right.

Baron 1647 5234
  • 6 May '19

Finally got on last night for the first time since the beta stress tests at 1 am, told myself I would only play for 40 minutes so I could get some sleep. I ended up having such a blast that before I knew it, it was after 4 in the morning!

I think that, more than anything, is a true testament to how good you guys' game has turned out to be. My brain literally turned off its hormones or whatever letting me know I was exhausted so that I could keep playing.

I have friends who never even heard of Chivalry or Mount and Blade clamoring to play.

So yeah, bravo to you guys, bravo. I'm so glad I backed you and I'm really excited for where you'll take things in the future!

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  • 6 May '19

Really appreciate everything guys, game is awesome, any word on a fix for the issue where some people seem to have higher ping no matter what?

I have the same internet provider and speed as my friend who plays and his ping is always low. My ping is always much higher and this hasn't been an issue in any other game. This makes me feel like the issue could be on my end, as if there is something I need to change in game settings with regard to my processor? I seen a post on here that said something about how ping on here isn't just connection related, but also has something to do with processing? I'm not a super knowledgeable computer guy, but I have an AMD Ryzen 2700X so I really don't see my processor speed being the issue. I'm the only person using my internet connection, and as I said, my friends ping is fine and his internet is the exact same as mine and we live 15 minutes away from each other.

There are numerous other people having this issue and you can usually spot them when you join a server full of 60 ping players and they're chilling at 120. I've seen post on here and Reddit about the topic. Not trying to sound whiney, love the game, just hoping someone on here might know a fix! Thanks.

Knight 519 999
  • 6 May '19

@elwebbaro said:

We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that.

We'll always be wondering where patchie.
Anyways Feitoria looking good, congrats devs.

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  • 6 May '19

any chance you can increase the amount of distance one can zoom out in 3rd person mode?? maybe remove the unfair speed advantage of 1st person?? one or the other?... both?
i find it severely unfair that i am punished for using my preferred combat mode.

777 1031
  • 6 May '19

@elwebbaro said:
On top of that we will start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, starting with duels. However we cannot give an exact timeframe on when you can expect these updates to be rolled out yet. We are terrible when it comes to estimating things, I'm sure our alpha players can attest to that.

U did a great job except shields i hate. Can we get any word on if you wanna change them? Especially if we doing the whole competitive thingo