I have never seen a game with a more worthless "Killed By" screen

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How much health did that guy I was dueling have left? Well, the game won't tell me that, but at least I know that the archer who killed me with a longbow from the enemy spawn is at full health and using a longbow. Good to know, that's definitely useful information to have.

Alright, I lost the duel 1v1 that time. How much health does the other guy have? Oh, 100, because he's using bloodlust. Well, that doesn't exactly matter now that I'm dead, but at least I know he's using the perk 100% of people are using. I also now know that he's using a rapier and shield, because I definitely didn't notice that while I was fighting him.

I might as well put a sticky note reading "100 Bloodlust" on my screen.

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  • 6 May
 Sir Zombie

Bloodlust is 1.000.000 iq for duels