Weird bug after Parry

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  • 6 May

So, I have that weird bug, when I succefully parry an attack, that I can't perform a feint.... No mather how hard I spam the "Q" bottun it just wont let me... If i dont parry an attack the "Q" works like a charm...

I dont know how to fix this, I reintalled the game and the bug is still there..
I tried to put the "Q" on the "Feint Or Parry" and it did worked, but the thing is if I click 2 times on it I will perform a block for nothing... and be killed...

Anyone having the same issue?

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Have you tried launching the game via steam instead of via the forum?
(You are in the wrong subforum.)

Also I'm not sure whether being unable to feint a riposte is working as intended. What makes you think it's a bug?

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  • 6 May

Are you sure you're not riposting? You can't feint during a riposte. You need to wait a bit after parrying if you want to feint.

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Thank you guys, I didn't know riposte was a thing :)

I just looked there and it says it all!

Thanks again :)