Play with friends

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  • 5 May '19

Hey guys, I noticed that in the game there is no way to distinguish Steam friends.
it could be green
so that we would have the blue team, the red team and the green friends
sorry for my bad english
long live Mordhauimg.png

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  • 6 May '19

I like the idea but I don't want to look all green. I think an indicator or name above the characters would be more suitable to address this problem. I do miss the friend-indicators!

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  • 6 May '19

There needs to be a hint to locate your party members but a green UI indicator should be enough.

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  • 7 May '19
 Blood Dragon

Either way, I really do think that this feature should be added. It would essentially make it so much more fun to play with friends.

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  • 7 May '19

Yeah it would increase the quality of gameplay for every group a lot

Duke 341 974
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  • 7 May '19

They're already in the game on horde, hopefully added to frontlines soon...