My issues with the Vote kicking system.

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At the moment the Votekicking system is absolute and utter garbage and only works to help those you are trying to get rid of in the first place.

The vote kick forces you to press the ` (tilde) key to open the console, then type out votekick [name of the person you are kicking) you have to write the name out a letter for letter and this is the problem.

I play Duels mostly, and in most of the bigger servers, you get people who come in and just wait until duels are half over then kill the losing person right at the end for the easy XP/Gold. The higher you are on the menu the better rewards you get, so, it ends up being someone who just sits around stealing kills who gets the most reward rather than the legit people actually fighting.

Since you have to type out the name word-for-word to initiate the kick you can literally bypass everyone by either:

  1. Having random emoticons that aren't on the keyboard on your name
  2. Have your name is some random language from google translate most people with generic (English) keyboard cant type out.
  3. Just type this _ and it pretty much makes it hard to pinpoint your steam name.

My favourite thing is a duel, and it is incredibly rewarding if you play properly which is really nice. However, this kick system is just such a pain and causes so much of a headache when these types of people come in and ruin the fun.

Another thing is it seems if someone is kicked they can just instantly rejoin, or, sometimes the kick function just straight up doesn't kick them.

Hopefully, this issue gets resolved. Love the game otherwise.

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  • 5 May

Yeah, people are pretty much free to troll as much as they desire now

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  • 5 May

You can type 'playerlist' in the console, look for the number to the left the player's name, and type 'votekick number' if the player's name is hard to type out. I do agree that the current votekick system is not optimal though; Very few people know how to open the console, or they can't/don't want to change their keyboard language just to votekick someone. You should be able to votekick with menues, like in Chivalry.

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  • 13 May

PLEASE fix this developers.

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  • 13 May

Frise has a great workaround, for people with spaces or weird characters in their names in my server, I just go to their steam profile by hitting Shift + Tab in-game and click on "View Players" -> "Profile". Once you have their profile link you can lookup their SteamID64 & kick/ban them in console using that instead.

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  • 16 May

ah. or use the playerlist method i created a Topic about.

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  • 11 Jun

yes you can kick ppl like that but the devs already implemented a different way to kick ppl I guess youre not aware of

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Also bumping this. Call me a necro all you want but this votekick system needs to get fixed soon and teamkill stats and punishments need to be introduced.