Alternate Modes for Peasant Weapons

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So, I love the Peasant perk. It allows access to a plethora of fun and interesting weapons. Several of them, like the carving knife and frying pan, can be thrown, but many of the peasant weapons don't have an alternate mode at all. A lot of them have some really obvious ones that would work without even needing to make new animations, so I hope they get them at some point.

Pitchfork/Rusty Fork - Could be thrown using the short spear's throw animation.

Sickle - Could be thrown using the existing one-handed throw animation.

Rake/Wooden Shovel/Rusty Shovel - Could be thrown using the short spear's throw animation (Far Cry 5 anyone?), or choked up on like most of the polearms.

Hoe - Could be choked up on, or flipped around.

Pickaxe - I'd say flip it around, but I guess it's a symmetrical weapon. Maybe just for flourish, you could flip it around in your hand.

Sledgehammer - Could be thrown using the maul's throw animation.