What's everyone's favorite map/game mode?

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  • 3 May

For maps, my favorite is Camp with Mountain Peak a close second. Frontline on both of these maps is a lot of fun. What does everything think?

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  • 3 May

Camp > Taiga > Mountain peak > Grad

Grad has too many issues, specifically smithy as a point has too many items placed around, fighting there feels very clunky since your body will get blocked by various shit while you try to move around, the chokepoint in the castle is complete cancer aswell.

Mountain peak blue spawn is infront of the final objective of red, which is horrible design. Camp has the same with the tents but allows much more freedom as to approach.

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Grad > Taiga > Mountain Peak > Camp

Camp's catapult placement, wide areas for horses to maneuver and random trebuchet instakills make it my least favorite map by far, at least for frontline. Outside of frontline, I don't really care which map i'm on.

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  • 3 May

Ive only played frontline and im in love with this game and each and every map but if i had to choose

1) Camp (mostly because I willed our team to victory comeback from 147-380 to a 3-0 Victory! I think it was my first positive kd game and i got over 30kills, so much fun! I made a new character with Bloodlust, lightbow, and axe and it was like i was a absolutely mongolian archer axe horse rider and we fkt em in the ass!

2) Mtn Peak, mostly because of how beautiful it is and i like the valley aspect

3) Taiga, cool map for archery which i like

4) Grad, classic feel map, somethings a little off though, Blue almost always wins because they have high ground and faster access to the middle imo

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Taiga > Grad > Camp > Mountain Peak.

Taiga for me is darkforest's successor. Such a beatiful and fun map. Grad has some cool objectives with the king and peasant hostages.

Camp is okay imo. Not very interesting in terms of objectives but the constant fight for the middle capture point leads to some cool teamplay and and actions.

Mountain peak is definitely the worst. Just a filler map with unexploited terrain on the sides. And we get the exact same blue balling effect than on battlegrounds in chivalry, where the map stops when you finally get through the castle door.