Improvements to squad gameplay in-game

Sellsword 19 70
  • 2 May

Apart from matchmaking and joining public servers being a mess for parties, I want to bring fourth a suggestion to make party play better and more fun in-match.

Right now it is kinda hard to notice who is your friend and who is just a teammate; either you have to tell each other to "jump" to identify each other or do some weird stuff.

Two simple suggestions could fix this, but you are free to suggest others here as well.

Icon's above teammates
Much alike in horde-mode, have a sigil above your party's members heads, which indicate they are part of your party. This allows for quick identification. However, this has the downside of being there constantly, and might get in the way of stuff, obstructing view.

Different color's for your mates
This one is a weird one, and I don't know how to do it for colorblind people. Have partymembers show up in another color. So if you are on the blue team, your party mates will have a green color instead, easily identifiable and not obstructing view. If you are on red team, they would be orange/yellow maybe (perhaps purple or also green). This should maybe not apply, for the party mate on the opposite team, but idk.

What are your thoughts?

Knight 934 941
  • 2 May

Icons definitely yes

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  • 2 May

These adjustments are really necessary, because your group doesn't really feel like a group by now!

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  • 11 May

Yes, yes, yes! That whould be a god send.
I am colorblind and i dont see to well in the larger team battle it is imposible to tell enemys apart from teammates.

Please add Icons!!!

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  • 11 May

@Propell they actually already did (after this thread was made)

You can hit H to toggle them, I think, or you can go to Game options and scroll to the bottom. Can set it to icons-above-steam-friends or icons-above-all-allies.

I haven't played with friends yet so I'm not sure if the friend icons display different from the ally/team icons. (edit: OK I just tried it. The icons are the same color but friends' names are displayed under the icon, at any range.)

Playing with these icons turned on is an overall gameplay advantage because it lets you locate teammates through walls and therefore much more easily grasp where your team is clustered and where they aren't.