Frontline Ghost

Mercenary 51 50
  • 1 May

When a new match starts up, half of the time I find myself to be like a ghost on the battlefield. I can't hit anyone, and apparently, no one can see me. This has only ever happened on Frontline servers. They can take a while to get into. It's frustrating to have to quit the server after half a match.

111 53
  • 1 May

It's like that Bruce Willis movie, huh? Maybe there is a little boy who can interact with you.

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I'm having the same bug. I posted it in alpha tester bugs a little while ago.

Knight 1815 2219
  • 1 May

This is a known bug and it is related to slow loading times. It is probably exaggerated by the server issues right now. The devs are working on a fix.