Dedicated Servers : No Gold and XP and the end of the game. Intended Behaviour?

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I'm hosting two private servers that are doing well ATM (18 and 23 players connected) but and the end of the game we get no XP or Gold Reward
Is it working as Intended , or is it linked to yesterday gold and XP bug?
Is there anything i can do to solve the problem?
Servers are vanilla , only thing i changed is the map rotation. One is TDM/Skirmish , the other Is FFA only
I know Dev are crunching At the Moment , so i really thank you in advance.

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Can it be a ports problem? I'm using these as launch commands : MordhauServer.exe -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -log -port=9777 -queryport=57015 -peerport=3777
MordhauServer.exe -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -log -port=7777 -queryport=27015 -peerport=4777
I took it for ue4 manual and other ue4 games

In resources monitor it's telling me that first server is using :
UDP 9777
UDP 57015
UDP 56007
And second server
UDP 7777
UDP 27015
UDP 55367

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The xp gold bug still isn't fixed, in beta you definitely got gold and xp on community servers.