Bug threads

Duchess 6857 9820
  • 1 May
 Sir Zombie

At this point there should just be a forum category dedicated to bugs instead of a single thread. Doesn't help that a lot of new people can't figure out that they need to use the thread.

Knight 116 243
  • 1 May

This has simultaneously been the worst and best launch. Best because we got a huge amount of players which is great, and I'm incredibly happy for the dev team. Worst because having XP/Gold and server bugs for the first two days of the game being out is really really bad and has probably pushed people to refund or not give the game a chance, as well as the forums being on fire because of it.

Duchess 6857 9820
  • 1 May
 Sir Zombie

Just rename alpha testing tbh

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  • 3 May

F O O T S T E P S W H E N ?

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Second this, seeing as the forums are coming under a fair bit of use at the moment, it's pretty difficult to navigate the various threads etc as everything's all over the place - mainly because it isn't always clear where to post your issue.

Would be better to have more sub-forums for bug reporting, game suggestions, server hosts etc etc

Count 1452 3388
  • 20 May

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