still low gold and xp come on guys

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  • 30 Apr

I noticed many players got their compensation. I played 13.5 hours since the game launched while only get 500 golds and level 2 as compensation. I understand the group should having heavy duty for now. But come on, do your best and we all love this game!

Knight 199 307
  • 30 Apr

I still have no added levels or XP, nor can I gain any.

Duchess 6857 9820
  • 1 May
 Sir Zombie

That was just the server slightly catching up with the xp and gold, compensation will be given when the problem is actually fixed.

Sellsword 66 102

The issue was around right before release which makes me worried if it's nearly been a week and still no fix.

Empress 349 847

It's weird, I went from rank 3 to 11 suddenly, and gained the gold that went along with it.

Still gaining no xp or gold, then suddenly it just gives me a bulk payment lol.


Knight 61 42
  • 1 May

I've played 8 hours and received only 20 XP and 80 gold.

Knight 1815 2219
  • 2 May

There is currently an issue with the progression system. The devs are working hard on a fix.
The item prices are invisible when the system is down for maintenance.
The latest news regarding the issue: