Gold/XP not saving

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@jordangallemore1 said:
This needs to be addressed or your going to start having major issues with your player base imo


When the main feature that's marketed isn't working for the first 36+ hrs of release, that's the kind of stuff that kills games early. Hope it doesn't happen.

Communication is key and giving realistic ETA/timeframes to the playerbase would help alleviate the negative feedback.

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Please give xp. i need xp please. giv

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  • 1 May

@ŞŧѦЯŞēėđş said:
Please give xp. i need xp please. giv


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  • 1 May

Is anyone else having trouble seeing servers in the server browser?

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Fmai2123 Please try to refresh the serverlist and wait for around 15-60 seconds, they should load faster after the first reload of the Session :)

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Would be nice to have a list of servers that actually are working properly

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Pvt.Blueballs, Void of the Dev Team just told me that he will try to get a good timewindow for the fix and Jax just told me that they finally located the Problem, so i think they will work it out soon.
We shouldnt forget how small the Dev Team is and how much they are currently working on the fix

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  • 1 May

im not even getting gold or exp just gives me 0 every match thinking about returning this doesn't even work right.

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It’s a mix of not getting XP/Gold and getting XP/Gold for me, I just want it fixed. It’s a amazing game regardless though

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  • 1 May

There are probably some good news regarding this issue.
Please take a look here:

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so basically stop playing cause they are doing a flat rate reward...? but some guys are level 18 already but its all good yea leave us all elvel 5 an lower an give them the same amount of gold... alright this went ahead an sped up my need for a refund

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where do we request refunds?

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@jordangallemore1 said:
where do we request refunds?


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A flat amount of gold/xp is kinda shitty to be honest.

Maybe until you actually fix this, turn off progression and let us actually use weapons and stuff?

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  • 2 May

Why gold and xp is not earning ??? Pls HELP

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@crushed said:
We know a bunch of you guys don't receive any Gold or XP rewards. It must sound like a broken record, but we're looking into those issues.
To make up for the inconvenience we will compensate all of you with a little bonus once the problems are ironed out.

The server stability problems somewhat contained and under control. However there's way more people playing than we expected so we're a little short on server space and we're working with our partners to expand with the demand.

Thanks for all your patience so far!

I'll wait the fix, killing and slaughtering

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  • 2 May

@Mosipaka said:
Why gold and xp is not earning ??? Pls HELP

There is currently an issue with the progression system. The devs are working hard on a fix.

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@Peacerer said:
You guys are worse than 2h elitists. Freaking gold diggers.

Who cares about rankings and gold. Fcuk that! Oh, where are the times when games were played for joy?!

But that's the thing isn't it ? We can't really play the game because 95% is locked and we can"t unlock it. They advertise heavily on customizable charcters and loadout and that feature just isn't there at the moment so it's got nothing to do with people not being able to enjoy the game "just for joy" as you say, but it's about a core mechanic that isn't working at all !

Personnaly I bought the game for that, not to play premade nofun loadtouts I don't want.

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Any cunts saying who cares about xp play for fun why u bothering to go on forums and on this topic to say that shite bs, PLSE FIX THE XP I WANNA LOOK SEXY!