Not getting money from matches

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  • 29 Apr

I keep finishing matches and it adds money to my balance, but it doesn't save. Just resets to the same amount every time.

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^This. Tutorial cash got added but nothing else.

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Yes, EXP too
But I played only 3 Matches TDM, not the "normal" modes

No money or EXP in Battle Royale too :c

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No exp or no gold earned after 6 matches, big oof

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Same problem for me. I just go from 2500 -> 2925 gold and from level 1 -> level 2 after every finished game. It's slightly irritating considering that weapons are unlocked via level and gold

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  • 2 May

There is currently an issue with the progression system. The devs are working hard on a fix.
The latest news regarding the issue: