Mordhau goes live today!

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Be kind to the new players - help them and they will help us keep the game alive. Be sure to write a positive review on the Steam page as soon as you can. It doesn't have to be long or in-depth, but as long as you give your thumbs up, it'll help combat the deluge of negative reviews from those who get frustrated with the mechanics and leave a negative review.

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5 YEARS OF WATING IS FINALLY COMING TO AN END…….I cant wait 3 more hours hurry the fuck up!!!!

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I feel exactly the same, I will be buying this game ASAP when I notice it's launched... I can't freaking wait, I have been lurking over this game since Kickstarter!

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  • 29 Apr

Great job, really.

I hope after release, if things go smoothly you guys can take a well deserved break or something.

Seeing this game evolve and change into what it is now is amazing, I was always skeptical about how much humor would be in the game, as it was a big part of what kept me playing Chiv.

Just utterly sold it with the voice actors, the lines, the emotes, cosmetics. Slap that on top of great gameplay and it's something that's gonna endure.


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  • 29 Apr

Posting in historic thread to farm likes.

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  • 29 Apr

I can't believe all this waiting is finally drawing to an end. It's been an honor spending the days shitposting with you all - I expect the forums will have a much different landscape in the future. See you on the battlefield.

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  • 29 Apr

Gj devs, looking forward to bashing some skulls in on Friday.

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  • 29 Apr

Thank you devs for your dedication! Cant wait to see where this leads!

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  • 29 Apr

You single marox?

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  • 29 Apr

Thanks Dev.s for your amazing work!

Can't wait to see you all guys in battle!

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It's been a great ride, and the party has only just begun!

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@Maxilatorn said:
It's sure been a fun ride, big thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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did absolutely nothing

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  • 29 Apr

Shield and archery fix with DLC?

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  • 29 Apr

Been following this game since forever it seems, huge congrats to the devs for making it all the way here! Everything looks absolutely beautiful and incredibly polished. It feels surreal that in an hour or two I'll finally be able to play this amazing game that I've only been able to watch on youtube or twitch for the past two years.

Thank you so much to the dev team for putting in all this hard work and effort to deliver us this amazing game!

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  • 29 Apr

A big thank you to all the developers and backers for all your dedication and love to the game.

It's been a fun project to follow!

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  • 29 Apr

Can't wait, the game is finally here!

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Clack Clack!


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  • 29 Apr

@EatAtRedLobster said:
Clack Clack!


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  • 29 Apr


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  • 29 Apr

It's been great memeing with you all over the years and hopefully the flood of new players won't change anything :)