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Analysis of Graphics Performance on Taiga

Duke 60 165
  • 27 Apr '19

I spent some quality time with the FPS counter in Taiga today to determine exactly which graphics settings are causing the performance issues some of us are having, and discovered two interesting things.

Hardware: 970 GTX & i7 3770 with 16 GB of RAM.

Goal: Stable 60 FPS (vsync) with 32 bots on the map, while recording with OBS at 2500 bitrate.

I started off with all graphics options either disabled or at their lowest, and increased or enabled them one by one until I noticed an impact on performance. I ended up achieving a stable 60 FPS with all settings at maximum with the following exceptions:

Shadows reduced to High:
In normal situations, there isn't an impact on Ultra, however some areas in Taiga have particularly complicated shadows and this will drop frames to 55 FPS on their own. Ultra shadows also have trouble with Smoke Bombs, where frames drop into the 40s in some situations.

Effects reduced to High:
In normal situations there are no performance hits with effects on Ultra; however, when entering into areas that have high usage of effects, such as the campfires, frame rates drop into the 40s temporarily and then recover.

Ambient Occlusion Disabled:
In most maps, Ambient Occlusion is only used in corners of walls and such and doesn't have a big impact. However; on Taiga, Ambient Occlusion is applied to all the complex intersecting geometry of the trees, and that has a very large performance hit. I imagine the developers could solve this by disabling Ambient Occlusion on tree leaves.

Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 28 Apr '19

HiGhEnd ComPiTar pObLemz

And here I struggle with lower resolution, everything at low/off except for Textures which are Medium/High depending on map (fuck u Grad's back ground forests) to get steady 60fps