The REAL Flail We Need

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  • 26 Apr

If not a typical unrealistic fantasy flail, this is what we need:
If I don't see this within the first seek of playing, instant uninstall (/s please don't hurt me):

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  • 26 Apr

@renaissance said:

Oh wow, didn't know that this existed, neat. I suppose I'll put a comment down over there!

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Yeah, we definitely need flails

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Ok, by fantasy flails Im pretty sure you're referring to the ball and chain maces. They weren't fantasy and definitely existed, though they were rare for obvious reasons. Ball and chain flails came from the ones you're showing which come from the kind used to beat grain by peasants.

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  • 26 Apr

It's called threshing you uncultured peasant

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  • 26 Apr

Reminds me of something weird in the Dutch language.
The (grain) flail is called "vlegel" or "dorsvlegel" (dorsen = to thresh) but I've always seen the military style flail called "slingerknots". (or "goedendag" by lame-o's)