Thank you Triternion

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Before the forums are flooded with newcomers and peasants I simply wanted to say thank you to all the devs at Triternion.

Not only for making this fun and good looking game, but also for releasing the game. Which sadly, is not a thing for many crowd funded games (Hello Sui Generis/Examina).

Even though I was not particularly an active alpha/beta player, it was really nice to see the progress of the development and how you guys kept adding stuff to the game. I'm really glad to have participated in the Kickstarter.

I hope the game will sell well and that you may have other opportunities to send more stuff for us in the future !

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Thankyou in advance for finally listening to my shield suggestions. I know one day you'll get it right.

Oh and thanks for the rest of the game too, I guess. ;)

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  • 25 Apr '19

Thanks to all newcomers. Who will help me test how easy i can decapitate them.

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  • 25 Apr '19


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  • 25 Apr '19

Yeah, they've been amazing with what they have achieved with such a small team.

Really can't wait to see where this game goes with all the funding/support from the players who buy the game & actively play it.

They can hire more people and get new content out the door to keep it refreshing and fun to play.

All we can really hope is the game does well (and i really think it will)

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  • 26 Apr '19

@Stumpy said:
Thanks to all newcomers. Who will help me test how easy i can decapitate them.

cant wait

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  • 26 Apr '19

thankyou to everyone who liked my posts

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  • 26 Apr '19
 Maxilatorn — Art

Thank you very much, felt good to read such a wholesome post! :)