Duck to dodge

Mercenary 14 18
  • 24 Apr '19

So, I think it would be interesting if the character could flex more when you bend over and look at the ground.

This can save many lives if you eat a feint for example.

Mercenary 2193 3913
  • 24 Apr '19

Some tryhards do it already (I'm looking at you @Uncy)
Its a nice little thing thats not common and when its done, it feels good tbh imho

Conscript 937 1912
  • 25 Apr '19

Is he playing with his arms behind his back?

Knight 684 1060
  • 26 Apr '19

@ohshitsorry said:
Is he playing with his arms behind his back?

I think that's Nikosawa watching Uncy play

Conscript 937 1912
201 403
  • 26 Apr '19

its intentionally made so that it isnt possible to dodge 90 degree swings. (horizontal). otherwise it would be too easy to duck most swings and get annoying for the attacker. you should only duck if they aim for your head.

and of course uncy has made ducking in to a science