Consistency with morphs on angle attack after mouse press

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This is a very minor UX issue, but I noticed it and it makes the user interface feel a little less consistent.

So, with 240 you can use angle attack after mouse press and it makes chambering with 240 a little bit more consistent. However, I noticed that when you attempt to morph with this option enabled, you must:
Stab -> angle attack -> Strike.
With this option disabled, your morph will be in the same direction as the initial stab unless you otherwise articulate the mouse in a specific direction. So the morph loop can be
Stab -> Strike
without having to angle your attack in a specific direction to morph, since the morph direction will follow what your initial stab direction was.

I find this to be inconsistent. I don't really care either way what the intended behavior is but I don't think the behavior should be different with this option enabled because I thought I was unable to morph with this option when it really changed the behavior of morphing from the default morph unintuitively.

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  • 2 May

Good catch