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Duke 754 1201
  • 23 Apr '19

Cant kick if you're holding only shield if you've been disarmed of sword and shield but managed to equip your shield again to protect you while you try to loot a weapon. In this state you cannot perform a kick which makes no sense.

Knight 706 1084
  • 23 Apr '19

Can't kick if you dropped your sword but found a sword but it was actually a stick but the stick broke so you had no stick but then you found your real sword but still couldn't kick ;(

Knight 58 78
  • 23 Apr '19

stop playing shields

Baron 1647 5234
  • 23 Apr '19

devs help I try kick when disarmed my sword I lost but only shield but it doesn't go when I try to kick with my shield to keep hold on my shield and try to grab my sword, make it so I can kick with shield into shield so grab shield to sword my shield

Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 23 Apr '19


367 341
  • 23 Apr '19

I was already bitching in game about no kick with shield only. But devs went even further with Chivalry copycat so hard they made another idiotic feature where you cant kick while holding a bow.

1430 2175

I was hoping for another shield balance thread but instead this was about kicking with unarmed shield, bows, firepots and all the other memes.

If it wasn't so late I would write an actual shield post here.