Viewmodel fov slider

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I'm assuming the reason this isn't in the game already must be that it would make some animations look odd, however why not add an option for it in the ini files or something so people that really want to change it have the opportunity to do so? Personally I think the viewmodel is way too close when playing and it looks very weird to me playing with 110 fov and like 45 viewmodel fov. I'm sure there used to be some "camera position" option in the alpha that let you change the viewmodel a little bit but I can't seem to find it anymore.

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  • 21 Apr

I get where you're coming from and how you see the problem because I have the same but the opposite. Something in higher FOV makes me feel like the weapon of mine is a bit small or has unrealistic distortion and I cannot calculate range precisely. Might be a l2p issue currently but I feel viewmodel FOV would be a great addition for those who want either bigger or smaller models.