Some Armor Ideas

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  • 17 Apr

@Humble Staff said:
Yea that's was one of the arguments against the maul, but people cried enough for them and there you go, 1 bonk to kill anything in the head. The only historical skin for it is the one that looks like a mallet, which was hollow historically. The other skins have way too big of a head.
Two handed blunt weapons did exist though, but they basically were heads of the same size than one handed variants but in a longer pole, the polehammer is a good example and the most common too.

That's the thing, I like the eveningstar and maul, even though they aren't realistic, but some people out here're thinking that anything slightly unrealistic shouldn't be in the game.

Yeah, I like stuff like the pole hammer because in real life they wouldn't be impractical. It's still a spear, it's just that it can also be used as a hammer, and that's cool.