Sword blocks

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I know in, forgive me for saying this, Chivalry (Disgusting word) there is only one way to block. I've noticed the blocking techniques for Mordhau and that you have to block in the direction where the sword is going to hit you. Are there other ways to block an incoming sword attack? For instance can I hit the incoming attack with my sword? It would be nice if I could.

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  • 9 Apr

I recommend you watch the dev blogs.

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Watching the dev blogs may give you an idea of the core mechanics but some of what you will see in the first two has changed over time. For example, you can see in the second dev blog a stab amied at the legs then changed to aim the head, resulting in the oponent parrying low and dying. Parry is hugely more forgiving nowadays and that is not as extreme anymore, you have to almost be parrying at the sky to get hit in the legs.
Then there is chambers which have went under a lot of changes over the patches but still are an attack mirroring an oponent attack when it's about to hit you.
There is also clash but afaik (i'm not a competitive player in the slightest sense of the word, anyone could correct me on this) is not a reliable form of defense, it's just something that may happen if two weapons collide each swing, to spice shit up in combat.

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there is parry, chamber and clash (what you described).

parry works exactly like chiv, chamber has the same timings as parry but you need to mirror your opponents attack. and clash is when the 2 weapons physically hit each other which offers an opportunity to combo afterwards.

each of these mechanics flow in to one another very seamlessly. parrying is the normal way to fight, chambering is more advanced and can take several hours to learn, but it offers a fast counter attack if you do it well. and clashing is just something that happens once in a while, need to watch out for it.

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  • 9 Apr

You can parry, clash or chamber. Parrying works just like in Chiv but with a shorter window and smaller hitbox, and in layman's terms clashing is two attacks bouncing off of each other and chambering is a super parry that blocks and counters in one motion using your own attack (and costs alot of stamina).