A question for the pro archers.

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Do u fellas like the huntsman perk ? 1hk anyone with quiver dispite t3 armor.

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In English shorthander

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Not a pro archer but when I decide to grab an xbow I would rather have a 0/3/2, war hammer and be able to shoot knights rather than bother with other archers. I find archer duels absurd and honestly, the best way to win an archer duel is to not play. Just shoot the melee Gods from where the other archers can't shoot you and rush in to help your team mates when necessary.

If I were to use longbow it would certainly be more appealing but meh, falchion or axe can really fuck people up and meleeing weakened people is much more fun than sharp shooting other archers who are prolly better shots and also carry huntsman perk.

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  • 9 Apr

Crush contacted me and a couple other archers to get feedback on the changes.

I think t3 ruins archer duels and does 3 bad things to the game

1) Becomes a necessity in the loadout if possible and allows shitters to just tank your shots and instakill you (average xbow user against longbow). Also just lets you hide and get all HP back or use bandaid

2) Forces you to make bows expensive to keep people from stacking armour and heavy melee weapons

3) Completely ruins archer loadout diversity

Ideally I would like bows to be cheaper and have t3 and melee over 5 pts locked off so you could have diversity in archer loadout while still being viable, since everyone is 1-2htk in archer duel depending on bow used. This would also open up loadouts to use the perks and utility items practically made for archers like pavise, traps, etc etc.

Crush mentioned in PM he liked the idea but it would be a long time from now if it ever happened.

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Yeah I find pavise a waste for an archer but a decent investment for a medium polearm class on say contraband to help hold the corridors. But if I really wanted to block anything off I would just grab fire pots sooooo

Maybe on FL it may be more useful in the open while holding objectives.