Consider making the perk 'Rush' activate on hit rather than on kill?

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Right now the perk 'Rush' which makes you instantly start sprinting, activates only on kill. I think it would be interesting if it were to activate on hit instead. Like how the perk 'Second Wind' gives stamina on hit.

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  • 4 Apr '19

Have you ever seen someone use that perk with maul and light armor? What you're suggesting would require a major rework of the perk or it would be insane.

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I haven't seen that. I can imagine that being devastating, mainly because the maul can kill in one hit.

Hm, my main reasoning is that perk only seems useful in team fights, not really in duels. And only for getting a surprise kill and running away. Which is useful, but doesn't seem very fun to me.

Out there idea, but maybe these problems would be balanced out if everyone or at least most people had that perk. Or at the very least, make it so the perk costs a lot of points, so it can only be used with light armor, and a particularly light weapon.

I kind of like the idea of the perk activating on hit, because what that basically means, is if the player is good enough they can constantly sprint at full speed in a duel. And it would even be very useful in 1vX fights. If I'm fighting a bunch of people, as long as I can hit them, and they can't hit me. I can move around all them more effectively than they can keep up with me. And in 1vX fights, there's more opportunities to hit people, than there are opportunities for the people to hit you. So it would actually be a perk that balances out 1vX fights, and increases people's ability to take on more than one opponent. I like mechanics that allow players to fight more and more people at a time, like how if you manage to block one attack, there's a force field around you that protects you from all attacks. Or if you get a kill, you get health and stamina.

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  • 4 Apr '19

I don't think it's point is to be a dueling perk to begin with.

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  • 4 Apr '19

Rush is probably the only perk in the game that's perfect as is. Not sure why you'd want to change it.

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  • 5 Apr '19

Rush would just be a must have at that point because rotations and target switches would absolutely be busted. Hit dude, already at the next guy who was half way across the map and enemy can't chase you because you are already out of range for chase mechanic. So, no, it's fine as is.

On second read this just seems like a very well articulated bait. Cause health and stam on kill already exists and you seem to want to have busted mechanics to assist you in 1vX. You say you want more people to fight but rush on hit makes people do consistent hit and runs that looks like a cowardish rat poking the helpless individuals who need a couple seconds to get to full speed.

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  • 6 Apr '19

@Mittsies said:
Rush is probably the only perk in the game that's perfect as is. Not sure why you'd want to change it.

The issue with perks in general is that they seem like such tiny insignificant buffs that are big point wastes, and you would be much better rewarded with just getting as much armor as possible and as big a weapon as possible.

I think making perks more in line with different ways to play the game that give HUGE game changing benefits but SIGNIFICANT drawbacks would be way more fun and provide way more variety.