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Frontline Stress Test / Beta Build #2

988 6974
  • 30 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

We will be testing Frontline for a day again, today (March 30th) at 5 PM CET. We're primarily looking to fill up European servers with 64p to test server improvements. See you there!

Knight 573 1165
  • 30 Mar '19

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Duke 754 1201
  • 30 Mar '19

so unfortunate that i cant join.
Had all the time in the world friday and until you start stress testing today.
and last time i couldnt join either :(

22 26
  • 30 Mar '19

We're getting closer lads!!

Knight 685 1855
  • 30 Mar '19

Hopefully it will go smoothly this time.
I also can't wait to see the improvements to the gamemode itself!

Duke 754 1201
  • 30 Mar '19

I got like 40 fps at around 45 players at lowest graphics.

I got an
Amd fx-8350 4ghz 8 core
Gtx 980 4gb
16gb ram
Game installed on ssd
2560x1440 asus rog swift 27" screen

Any ideas what hardware i should change in order to achieve 100+ fps?

How are your builds and what fps do you have?

Knight 941 2569
  • 2
  • 30 Mar '19

Again it's unplayable for me, just a slideshow when people are nearby. One time I had 3 ghost swings on 3 strikes in a row.

I have i5 4590s and GTX 1050, everything at low.

Also, here I first got stuck and after a moment of trying to get unstuck I got ragdolled:


Knight 941 2569
  • 30 Mar '19

Yeah, sorry but your main game mode at the moment is some fighting sprinkled on top of excessive walking, constant interruptions, getting shot and RNG deaths while the cata guy and the horse guy go for 40-5 each.

Knight 3153 7400
  • 30 Mar '19



Duke 754 1201
  • 5
  • 30 Mar '19

Catapults are annoying.
only two horses on each team.
people throw firebombs in your spawns so you spawn and you're almost dead already.
alot of ghost hits.
Camp side ballista is so shitty positioned, if you want to shoot towards first objective, theres a huge tree, hitting a leaf with the ballista bolt will stop the bolt. remove the tree. if people are pushing the wagon into the objective then you cant assist because the spikes are so tall your ballista hits them. not enough turn radius to cover the first enemy objective (middle one).
so the only place you can cover with ballista is left side of battleground where there is literally no one and the ballista bolts hit 5 cm away from player and they wont take damage you have to hit precisely in their torso from 300 metres with an insane bullet drop and random jaggy and unpredictable movements from players make it literally useless.
cant build defensive barricades because people with firebombs literally wipe out everything without breaking a sweat.
Low fps. i got a decent system and low graphics give me 40-50 fps.
Huntsman class should have the friendly perk.

need some kind of squad system with teammate HUD.


horse spawns should be visible on map not just ready horses.

Mounted players should have a horse icon on scoreboard.
Catapult players should have a catapult icon on scoreboard.

no timelimit on Frontline. which means i could play for 30 minutes and match not over and i have to leave and i'd have to leave without getting the gold or xp i fought for. Should be gold reward upon leaving.

Knight 54 64
  • 30 Mar '19

around half of my deaths were due to catapults and ballistas from both my team and the enemy team

Mercenary 179 614
  • 31 Mar '19

that video is too cursed for the forums

Knight 697 1611
  • 31 Mar '19

@Pred said:
Yeah, sorry but your main game mode at the moment is some fighting sprinkled on top of excessive walking, constant interruptions, getting shot and RNG deaths while the cata guy and the horse guy go for 40-5 each.

I'm hoping it's more the map's fault than the mode. Battlefield suffered the same pacing problems as an Agatha player. Now that FL is like a dynamic TO, I see potential in the mode for maps tjat get you in the action without tedious spawns.

1430 2176

Played 3 full matches, I like the new additions to FL. Building stuff is pretty cool and so are the new mini objectives. More will always be better, would love to see building siege stuff to assault castles with down the road.

Not as laggy as before but I still get alot of ghost swings. 1vX feels much harder than it should and again I have to point the finger at flinched parry and parry turncap. Love all the new armors, especially the campaigners torso. I'll try out the new war axe when I can.

Knight 697 1611
  • 31 Mar '19

Going to omit criticism of technical issues.

  • Dubaxe feels very true to its Chivalry roots with the general speed and feel, abysmal range and whiffing included. I like it.

  • New map buildables are cool and useful. Very nice to have "baseline" fortifications that don't require a toolbox, only a mallet or smithing hammer. These are useful enough as general cover and to force enemies to funnel into a choke or smash them.

  • I like how completing the bomb objective permanently alters the mid playing field. Really cool concept.

  • The pacing is sometimes really bad. When teams are generally evenly matched and mostly contesting for middle, the walk to the fight is horrendous and the game feels incredibly stale/like a more boring version of TDM. These portions really need some sort of contestable forward spawns or something. Belmez had those optional objectives to burn the outpost/granary. Maybe a non-permanent version of this for the centerfield, one on east and one on west, would be good. Either make them start off as a realistically soloable/ninja-able point to give rats/assassin's creeds an actual impact in this extremely open battlefield of a map, or tie different TO for the teams before they become a permanent capture point for that team (again, easily ninja'd/solo-capped as opposed to the main points which are slow to cap).

  • On the other hand, the final cart objective as Blue pushing into Red has great pacing (at least from Blue's POV) because you get into the fight so fast, kinda like Chivalry TO pacing at this point. Some say it's way too hard for Red to recap since Blue spawns quite close to it. I don't have an informed opinion on the balance. The spawn timings/distances are great, perhaps Blue's spawn location must be moved without compromising the former.

  • Catapults are absolutely obnoxious. The trebuchet fire is also still really obnoxious. Combined with long walks, this just becomes utter hell. Evading them isn't exactly a thing in mind when you're in a fight. There's really no other way to go about it, these things are annoying. Catapult vs a caste wall sounds like it could be interesting and strategically important. Catapult in Camp is just one guy YOLO firing away and getting casino AOE kills and TKs.

At any rate, my grievances are more map-specific than mode-specific now.

Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 31 Mar '19

I couldn't get my hands on Stress Test #1 and just played FL now. Was Confused about what killed me when a meteor Trebuchet hit me. Should be classified as "Trebuchet" instead of "RIP" in kill board log thingie.

Catapult has way too much AoE range imho. Sure you could go with "ErmgehGerD sHoKKwaVE CAus CatApUt StroNK" like explanation but its still too much of an annoyance. Though even as a Archer main, I really liked the Screen Shake from catapults etc. Discourages weaklings from archery thus helping other melee weaklings.

Getting 40-50 fps around players and 50+ above when near empty-ish spawn areas with my shitty system.

Knight 941 2569
  • 31 Mar '19

When building fortifications you sometimes get lifted off the ground when the new layer appers. It also impacts other people, as I was fighting someone and trying to parry and when a dude on the other side hit the fortification with hammer, I got lifted and parried at the sky while getting my legs cut off.

Overall the mode is extremely annoying and seems like another instance when you went for detrimental "IT LOOKS EPIC" features like with firepots. Players constantly dropping dead or getting ragdolled and then killed are actual people who want to play the game, not single player NPCs.

Knight 1388 3163
  • 31 Mar '19

my favorite part of the prefab fortification emplacements

is that they're useless

Who would win

  • Strong fortifications to deter enemy troops
  • Literally just going around it.
Knight 19 56
  • 31 Mar '19

First Impressions from a noob (600 hrs Chiv, 40ish hours Mordy)

TL;DR - Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.

FL seems like it's missing the "soul" that TO once had. If we take everyone's favorite Dark Forest as an example, it feels like both teams are going through a sort of story as the match progresses. Sure, the lore is minimal and pushing the cart is simplistic, but little flavor elements and varied objectives like spilling the corpses into the cistern to spread plague or having two people stand on either side of a gate to lower it, combined with the final epic siege of the fort to kill the royal family, all lead to the player feeling like there's kind of a "story" as the game goes on.

Plus, you'll start to recognize the exceptional players on both teams as the match goes on. You might see a guy with a gold helmet 1v3 and go wow, I better steer clear of him. Then you remember his name and he becomes almost like a miniboss as he's defending the royal family. These mini rivalries create sort of a meta story, combined with the lore elements of the objectives, that make each match of TO memorable and enjoyable even if you occasionally die from a catapult or some nonsense firepot.

FL has almost none of this because the objectives themselves (points and carts) don't really do anything significant. Throwing fire onto blue team's camp tents is neat and a nice throwback to chiv, but the explosive carts and holding points feel sort of uninspired. Perhaps part of that is because they they dont change the terrain at all.

Even in a linear TO map like Dark Forest, you'd have plenty of unique areas to fight around during each stage of the objective. The first two sections are simple with small wooden structures and bridges, but thanks to a bit of verticality they remain interesting (think of the second wooden platform layer during the cistern stage (the one with the gate that two people have to stand on each side to lower) and the log bridge at the royal family part). Whereas FL, or at least Camp, is mostly just a big flat battlefield. Kinda boring. And maybe part of that is because it doesn't change. With TO maps, unique and interesting areas might not last more than a few minutes, so if you want to try something unique, you'll only have a few chances to do so. The experience remains novel in the player's mind because it doesn't last very long, so the fights they have there feel like they have a history and not like it's just a big battle where your last fight could've happened in this match, the previous one, or any other random moment of playing FL.

The attackers have a solid goal to push toward and they know they can make reliable progress that won't be reversed, so they can feel happy about their death if they know it helped push the cart just a few more inches. Whereas defenders can feel extra satisfied when they do finish someone off and clear the cart. They know that they just have to last a few more minutes and they'll win, whereas the attackers need to beat them back just far enough to get the next objective and add more time. Those moments are climactic and exciting because there are reasons to try extra hard during those moments.

TL;DR again

Overall, FL is missing the "soul" of TO because it feels like a disconnected, endless slog of a battle that looks awesome on paper and has great cinematic ragdoll-style effects but ultimately feels like TO's sloppy seconds because it doesn't feel like there's any thread of a story running through each area/objective.