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i get 200+ fps but sometimes when hitting an enemy or when an enemy parries me, i drop frames for split second (long enough to fuck up my reaction)... any idea how to fix? "ultimate performance" mode on windows and nvidia settings set to prefer performanc

Knight 52 50
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  • 29 Mar '19

see title.....

what settings should i look out for / tweak to possibly fix this?


[8:46 PM]
lower graphic settings
i guess

[8:46 PM]
doesnt make a diff
it seems network

This comment was deleted.
Knight 1269 3811
  • 29 Mar '19

Happens to me with like the first 2 or 3 hits after opening the game. Doesn't happen after that unless I close the game and start it again.

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  • 29 Mar '19

Sorry, I can't help you, just here to say I have this. I sit around 120fps but then occasionally in combat it will instantly dip to 80fps, it fucks me up gud.

Baron 17 44

Not sure if you guys are talking about the frame stuttering or not. If you are, try deactiving cloth physics in video settings, this should do the trick.

Knight 1388 3163
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  • 29 Mar '19

The engine is loading assets

EG, when you hit a character and it plays a hit sound for the first time after launching the game

it will drop a few frames as it loads that sound asset.

This applies to all on demand assets like that.

It's an engine issue, not a mordhau issue. Games like KF2 have it too. Unreal Engine wants to die nowadays.

Knight 34 103
  • 29 Mar '19

The game seems to stutter every few seconds/minutes. I'm not sure if it's related to the constantly flashing Packet Loss sign (which might be something specific to my end) but the stutters are there.

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That's one long title there