Leveling up feedback

Sellsword 18 70
  • 19 Mar

Leveling up right, whilst it doesn't feel bad, doesn't feel great either. There is no feedback on leveling up othe than a pretty animation and a number increase.

I think it would be nice to add a gold reward on leveling up, as well as showing unlocks when you level up. That way people feel like they've achieved something.


Knight 1227 3652
  • 19 Mar

where my pink helmet at

129 281

we need more lemon pledge

Knight 107 137

Leveling seems to rely too heavily on kills. Giving more XP from alternative objectives or simply completing a map would be recommended.

I don't particularly like to be submitted to a long grind simply to unlock a non-ugly armor set. But if it's made smooth enough, I guess it's tolerable. Still, I would see it a better method to offer a lot of customization straight from the beginning, and only reserve some cool additional skins as high-up leveling rewards.

Mercenary 218 541
  • 20 Mar

BR = way more gold and XP for 1st place, and it should be significant diffrence between 1, 2, 3 and 4th place

FL = Each kill should give 15+ gold, but doing teamrelated tasks (points) should give more gold than it currently does. What would be cool is that people could spend money placing bountys on other players lets say 100 gold.

Dont have much feedback on Horde