Username change

Knight 5 14
  • 19 Mar

So I was trying to change my username and it seems like it defaulted to my email address. I know we can only change the username once, is there anyway to get a redo or roll it back to my old username?

Conscript 610 1391
  • 19 Mar

I'm signing you up for a bunch of gay newsletters.

Knight 1236 3672
  • 19 Mar

looks like you need some viagra man don't worry I'll hook u up check ur email

Knight 5 14
  • 19 Mar

Dunno if they’ll let you sign up twice with the same email tho

Knight 2192 3946
  • 22 Mar

@Neo help this man

Duke 5467 13015
  • 1
  • 29 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

hey just PM me what you want your username to be and I'll edit it

I removed your email domain from it so you don't get spammed for now