Emblem Artist/Suggestions?

Duke 2266 4008
  • 18 Mar

Hi, ya, I have an emblem but no idea what to do for it. Gimmie ideas or if you're an artist show me some cool shit you made and it'd be cool for it to be an emblem.

If you guys have any vaguely Huggles related ideas that would be cool too.

Knight 591 1997
  • 18 Mar

Splendid, another opportunity to have my idea for an emblem included.

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Have I mentioned how HANDSOME you look today, Huggles?

I just can't get over how great you look! Have you lost weight?

Can I get you anything?

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  • 18 Mar

do it for the meme

here is some attention1.png

Knight 2608 6912
  • 18 Mar

I have several of them Huggies





Knight 693 1593
  • 19 Mar

Last one please.

Knight 1269 3805
  • 19 Mar

Last one please.

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LaST oNe PLeAsE.

Knight 5135 6897

i have to admit the last one is just perfect, please someone pick that.

Knight 3301 6763
  • 20 Mar

lol that last one

Gonna put that on my archer lol

Duke 5496 13122
  • 21 Mar
 Jax — Community Manager

EDGE looool

Duke 341 973

Rest assured - the last one will be submitted. c:

Knight 5135 6897
Conscript 4558 6299
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  • 21 Mar

The edge one is epic too lmao, all the others are fucking great and should be in the game too tbh

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  • 22 Mar

If anyone wants I can design one (1) emblem free of charge

Baron 1607 5104
  • 24 Mar

@Xatrian said:
do it for the meme

here is some attention1.png

someone make an outstretched hand, palm up, with an eye floating above the palm

stylized, believable in the context of the game, but still for the meme